Unlanded is out

MAY 31, 2014 in MUSIC, NEWS

Unlanded was released 1st of May, and is now available from a myriad of digital vendors and streaming services, including iTuneswimp, Spotify, Google Play, CD Baby, CDON, eMusic, and Amazon. Get it while stocks last!

On a more serious note though, my Monochrome Adventures album will no longer be available from Spotify after July of this year. This is due to the fact that certain digital music distributors (actually, I’m looking very specifically at you TuneCore) require you to pay around $50 every year to keep your music online, which is a really shitty deal for indies like me. With the amount of money I typically earn from Spotify streams, this basically amounts to me having to pay $49 a year so that people can listen to my music for “free”. So, I will probably put it up on Bandcamp instead. I’ll post an update about this in due time.