I’m still working on my new album, and probably will be for a while yet. I’d say it’s 50% finished as of now. It will include some tasty acoustic sounds courtesy of my new recording equipment, as well as a lot of tasty electronic sounds created with some juicy analog equipment (and I’m using a healthy amount of digital stuff as well; I don’t discriminate).

I’m also doing a collaboration with Espen Gulbrandsen, the first fruits of which were released this spring on Baroque records. We’re into moody, old school techno. If you’re on Spotify, you’re in luck: Espen & Knut – Margin of Error (Original Mix)

Finally, I’m also helping Snasen with his new album, which is going to be great for sure!


New site!

AUGUST 18, 2012 in NEWS

It’s long overdue, but the new site has finally launched. I’ve built this on top of WordPress using the wonderful H5BP and Bones. I’m hoping to get some blogging action going, so stay tuned for production tips, the odd rant, and of course updates about my music and other projects I might get myself tangled up in. See ya!

Logo sketch

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