Cubase quick tip: Doing A/B comparisons


I often find myself needing to do simple A/B comparisons, for instance when comparing the sound of two different eq-plugins or anything like that. There’s a neat little trick in Cubase which really facilitates this process:

Just select the pair of tracks you want to compare, then mute one or the other (or solo it, if it’s part of a bigger project). You can now press M on your keyboard (or S if you have soloed the track) and the channels will be switched instantly. Now this might seem like a really mundane tip, but the clever part is that since you can now use a key on your keyboard to switch channels, you can do blind A/B-testing. My preferred method of doing this is to stop playback, turn away from the screen, and then press the switch channels key repeatedly until I’ve lost track of which channel is currently active. Then I can start playback without any preconceptions about what I’m hearing, and press a key whenever I want to switch channels. Simple and effective 🙂